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Four unlikely heroes must make a harrowing trek through a war-torn United States. Their cargo? Plans for a devastating German bomb that will change the face of the 20th century: ‘Project Luderitz’.

The Divided States: Announcement trailer

The year is 1940. Chicago and washington have fallen. A left-wing syndicalist revolution has collapsed federal authority. The Divided States is an anthology animatic project by Kaiser Cat Cinema, following the stories of everyday American citizens in a dark, strange world altered forever by German victory in the Great War.

[e01]  Not in Kansas Anymore

Chicago is a city in turmoil. The capitol of the combined syndicates is stricken by hunger and internal strife. Union State forces have taken control of Washington. Chairman Reed has resigned in disgrace, and the Anarchist and Totalist factions of the Combined Syndicates are at eachother’s throats over the bombing of the Board of Trade Building.

Idealistic Red Guard Volunteer Emily Faulkner is summoned to the Worker’s Mart, where she comes face to face with the mauling jaws of history…

[e02]  Friends Like These (2023)


An anarchist uprising rocks Chicago, with simultaneous attacks on various Syndicalist strongholds throughout the city. In the confusion, a band of Anarchist revolutionaries break out Albert, a mysterious German scientist. The escape goes sideways, and Albert and Emily’s journeys collide.

Work-in-progress episode available for Patreons

[e03]  North as Traitors (2024)


Union State president Howard Langdon receives concerning reports from the interior states. Sawyer and Logan encounter heavy resistance as their unit heads into the outskirts of St. Louis. At the same time, Albert and Emily arrive to the war-torn city. Emily attempts to find her aunt…

Episode in pre-production

Standalone shorts

Various standalone shorts highlighting the Second American Civil war from the viewpoint of different factions and characters.

The Divided States: Strife (2021)

The year is 1937. New York and Chicago have fallen. A Red revolution has swept the Great Lakes area, collapsing federal authority and unleashing a Second American Civil War. Welcome to the dark world of The Divided States.

In the middle of the turmoil, a Combined Syndicates militia returns to her home to find her family struggling with fractured loyalties and beliefs. 

The Divided States: Battery Park (TBD)

The year is 1938. A young Federalist recruit from the midwest is dragged into war against his will. Drafted and trained as emergency reserves, his units finds itself gathered for a daring plan to retake New York from Revolutionary control: A naval attack on the heartland of the peninsula.

Episode in pre-production

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